Contact Us

If you need information about the fair, please contact Pam Paige at (985) 516-7078 or use an online form to reach her by email. (Email address at:

You can also view the contact information for officers, committee chairmen, and board members below.


President: Jackie Boone
Home: (985) 986-2960
Cell: (985) 515-1882

Vice-President: Cole Ladner
Phone: (985) 795-2653

Secretary: Kaye Ladner
Cell: (985) 515-9139
Home: (985) 848-5937

Treasurer: Ellen Waskom
Cell: (985) 515-9784
Home: (985) 848-3118
Office: (985) 839-4413


Agriculture Chairman: Walter Smith
Cell: (985) 515-5555
Home: (985) 877-4730

Arena/Rodeo Chairman: Robbie Thomas
Cell: (985) 241-2729

Arena/Special Events Chair: William Page
Cell: (985) 516-2307
Home: (985) 886-0030

Better Baby Chairman: Karen Ingram
Cell: (985) 335-0532

Building & Grounds Chairman: Donald Folse
Cell: (985)

Catalog Chairman: Melissa Haley
Cell: (985) 590-1937

Commercial Exhibit Chair: Randy Strickland
Office: (985) 839-7850

Concessions Chairman: Neil Fowler
Cell: (985) 515-1177
Home: (985) 839-7893

Country Market Chairman: Kaye Branch
Cell: (985) 515-5121
Office: (985) 839-2254

Creative Crafts Chairman: Genevive Brannon
Cell: (985) 515-1123
Home: (985) 839-3215
For entry: (985) 839-2209 (Hall’s Hardware)

Down By The Branch Chairman: Wayne Kuhn
Office: (985) 839-4462
Home: (985) 839-3201

Education Chairman: Jackie Boone
Cell: (985) 515-1882
Home: (985) 986-2960

Executive Committee                

Ed Branch, President
Jackie Boone, Vice-President
Kaye Ladner, Secretary
Ellen Wascom, Treasurer
Donald Folse, Building & Grounds

Fair Honoree Chairman: Evelyn Jones
Cell: (985) 515-5907
Home: (985) 839-4039

Fair 5-K Chairman: Kelly Ballard
Cell: (985) 516-1296

Fine Arts Chairman: Janice Branch
Cell: (985) 515-4163
Home: (985) 839-2229

Front Entrance Chairman: Katie Jackson Lee
Cell: (985) 515-8342

Genealogy Chairman: Bill Stafford
Phone: (225) 573-5519

Historical Chairman: Kandace Ard McKenzie
Cell: (985) 750-2553
Home: (985)848-4506

Homemakers Chairman: Jackie Smith
Office: (985) 839-9756
Home: (985)839-9724

Hospitality Chairman: Mike Henley
Cell : (985) 515-0184

Information Chairman: Pam Paige
Cell: (985) 516-7078

Insurance Chairman: Chris Workman
Cell: (985) 507-0994
Home: (985) 732-7119

Jr. Fine Arts Chairman: Heather McDaniel
Cell: (985) 516-2084

Lost and Found Chairman: Katie Fussell
Cell: (985) 335-5465

Membership Chairman: Mike Breland
Cell: (985) 516-9509
Home: (985) 735-6666

Midway Chairman: James Magruder
Cell: (985) 515-0688
Home : (985) 839-9656

Mile Branch Chairman: Ruth Horne
Phone: (985) 735-1204

Mystery Person Chairman: Theron Graves
Cell: (985) 515-2410

Old McDonalds Farm Chair: Jeff Knight
Cell: (985) 516-5518
Home: (985) 848-0687

Parade Chairman: Angie Schilling Stewart
Cell: (985) 516-5676

Photography Chairman: Meghann Brown
Cell: (985) 515-0657
Home: (985) 795-1853

Plants Chairman: Minnie Posey
Cell: (985) 515-3631
Home: (985) 839-4125

Playground Chairman: Michelle Reynolds
Cell: (985) 516-3777
Home: (985) 848-4433

Poster Chairman: Kay Bell
Home: (985) 839-2048

Premiums Chairman: Becky Jenkins
Home: (985) 839-3360

Publicity Chairman: Regina Meyerchick ( Photography,FB/IG, Archival Documentation )
Co-Chairman: Toni Tageant  (Newspaper/ Brochure, Magazine, Radio )
Regina Cell: (985) 335-4966
Toni Cell: (985) 515-8225

Queen Chairman: Kelly McElveen
Cell: (985) 515-0884

Security Chairman: Jason Creel
Home: (985) 839-6945

Stage Chairman: Shelly Thomas
Cell: (985) 515-1204

Souvenirs Chairman: Frances Pierce
Cell: (985) 516-5750
Home: (985) 732-3901

Traffic Chairman: Cole Ladner

Youth Chairman: Garnet Fornea
Cell: (985) 516-1199

Website Chairman: John Burris
Cell: (985) 515-8896

Capital Improvements Long-Range Committee
Jackie Boone, President
Ed Branch, 2016-2017
Dianne Applewhite, 2014-2015
Keith Fussell, 2012-2013
Donald Folse, Building & Grounds

Board of Directors
Ward I
Wayne Kuhn, Kay McCain, Dennis Morgan
Ward II
Adrian Roshto, Rebekah Smith, Walter Smith
Ward III
Hope Bickham, Gerald Jones, Richard Passman
Ward IV
Will Branch, Mike Breland, Ann Arata, Margaret Ryals, Ruth Horne, Billie Sue Alford
Ward V
Gary “Bo” Pierce, Allenda Pigott, Betty Hunt
Ward VI
Mary Wood, Diana Casanova, Jackie Varnado
Ward VII
Hoyt L. “Chick” Boyd, Luella Jackson, Pam Miley
Aaron Wood, Edward Ladner, Denise Robinson
Ward IX
Don Anderson, Keith Fussell, Minnie Posey
AT Large
Dianne Applewhite, Keith Fussell, Ed Branch

Honorary Board Members
Vaiden Barlow, William Burris, Isabel Givens, Yvonne Griffith, Virginia Killingworth


             Contrary to popular belief the Washington Parish Fairgrounds is PRIVATE

property owned and operated by the Washington Parish Fair Association.   The Association is not subsidized by any local, parish or state agency.  Therefore the upkeep and operation of the property is strictly the responsibility of the Fair Association.

Although we encourage and welcome public use of the grounds and facilities, we must require proper scheduling to avoid conflicts of use.

 Therefore, anyone interested in using any part of the fairgrounds must request permission, be put on the calendar of events and sign the necessary contract for use.

Because of expenses incurred with the use of the grounds, we must charge fees appropriate to cover our costs.  Therefore, if you want to have an event on the Washington Parish Fair Association property please contact a member of the Fair Association to make the necessary arrangements.

We greatly appreciate the assistance of the Town of Franklinton, Washington Parish Government,  Washington St. Tammany Electric and Rayburn Correctional Institute in the many projects we undertake to keep the fairgrounds a beautiful and safe place for our local residents and visitors to enjoy.