About The Fair

In October, when skies are bluer, and the air is crisp with Fall’s first touch, the enthusiastic crowds, larger than ever, once again flow through the front entrance into our beautiful fairgrounds to enjoy the spectacle of the Washington Parish Free Fair.

Since its humble beginning in 1911 in a local livery stable, this county/parish fair has steadily grown bigger and better each successive year. Today, based on attendance records, it is believed to be the largest county/parish free fair in the USA. It is the second oldest Parish Fair in Louisiana.

It is a family fair. They come from all over the country to enjoy the wholesome virtues characterized by Wiley Wit and imagination cemented with strong enthusiasm, cooperation, and genuine concern for the parish’s cultural, educational, and economic advancement.

They come to enjoy the excellent exhibits of cut flowers, homemaking, livestock, and agricultural products. Then there is Old McDonald’s Farm and the activities that never seem to cease on the stage. They come to experience the magic of the Midway and the excitement of the PRO Rodeo, and even to just sit a spell under one of the tall pine trees and enjoy the good food.

In addition to all these attractions, there is the Authentic Historical Pioneer Village and the Mile Branch Settlement. Here the visitor will be heartily welcomed by the many costumed hosts and experience a trip into our past as he visits the various log cabins and buildings filled with antiques and hospitality. One will feel free to sit a while on one of the broad porches or tap one’s feet to the music.

It’s our opportunity to experience many pioneer activities typical of the Louisiana piney woods in the 1800s.   It is a visit one will not soon forget.

This fair is organized, designed, and produced by hundreds of local volunteers who have given freely of their time and talents for generations. At a glance, one wonders what makes this fair so special or different from the hundreds of other fairs throughout our land. This intangible quality, recognized by all yet curiously unexplained, has given our fair its national reputation. The indisputable fact that this county/parish fair is different and is truly special is the reason our visitors come back year after year.

It is an experience one will not want to miss.